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Prednisone Itailan Charms

Prednisone Italian Charms for Medical ID Alert Italian Charm Bracelets. If you do not see what you want we can custom make it for you. The Italian charms can be attached to your own Italian charm starter bracelet or you can purchase a starter bracelet from us.  The tiny charms are 9mm and the superlink Italian charms are 18mm long by 9mm wide.  The superlink Italian charms take up the space of 2 charms on your bracelet.  Charms are enlarged to show detail.  
        Charms are enlarged to show detail.
The category buttons at the left which you might be interest in are:

Starter Bracelets, bracelet needed to attach the Italian charms

Medical Alert Card
Card in Wallet,
a charm which tells that you have a medical alert card in wallet
Medical Alert Charms, brings even more attention to your ailment or allergy
Awareness Ribbons
Custom Italian Charms
Italian Charm Tool,
makes it easier to add or take out the charms

Taking Prednison hexagon 9mm        $9.99
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